As a support worker, you assist a person with disability to do several things,

  • Personal care tasks like teeth cleaning, dressing, etc.
  • Preparing meals, cooking, eating
  • Other life skills
  • Going on outings locally, such as having meals out or seeing a movie
  • Visiting local tourist sites
  • Activities within the community
  • and more

Almost anyone can become a support worker

If you’re thinking you may not qualify because you have no experience, think again. It doesn’t matter what career path you’re coming from. We fully train you and offer the support you need to carry out your role with confidence.

Great support workers come in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds, with varying experiences.

  • You might be already working in the disability sector
  • You might be studying

  • You might be working in retail, hospitality, a trade

  • Maybe you’ve never worked in disability

  • Maybe you haven’t worked for a while